A political strategist is thought to be on the lam after she failed to show up for an interview with prosecutors about a campaign scandal involving Rep. David Rivera (R-FL).

Authorities last week raided Ana Alliegro's apartment and seized her computer and cell phone. She was scheduled to speak to prosecutors on Thursday, but now not even her lawyer knows where she is, according to The Miami Herald.

Prosecutors believe that Alliegro may be involved in shadow campaign, in which Justin Lamar Sternad ran as a Democrat "ringer" in the 26th District primary in order to help defeat fellow Democrat Joe Garcia. Authorities are probing Rivera, the Republican incumbent, to find out if he was behind the scheme as effort to weaken or defeat Garcia before they faced off in the general election.

Campaign sources and finance records indicated that Rivera may have funneled $46,000 in secret money to Sternad's campaign -- often in cash-filled envelopes. Both Rivera and Sternad have denied working together.

"I still have not heard from my client. I have no idea where she is," attorney Mauricio Padilla told the Herald. "I have not talked to Ana since Wednesday."

Alliegro, who describes herself as a "conservative bad girl," has not posted anything to her Twitter account since this cryptic message last Monday: "Somebody hacked ur twitter. This is going out to ur followers. Happens all the x..hope ur well:-)"

No missing persons report had been filed as of Saturday.

Rivera, a friend and former roommate of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), had faced accusations of domestic violence during his 2010 campaign for Congress. Rivera had also been accused in 2002 of using his car to hit a Liberty Mailing Services truck and force it off the road as it was carrying flyers that read, "Reject Domestic Violence — Reject David Rivera."

Watch this video from NBC Miami, broadcast Sept. 8, 2012.