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Facebook page tracking sex offenders infringes human rights, says Irish judge



A Facebook page set up to monitor paedophiles has been removed after a judge in Northern Ireland ruled that it risked infringing the human rights of a convicted sex offender.

The man, who cannot be identified, started legal proceedings against the social networking site after discovering his photograph and threatening comments had been posted on the page.

High Court judge Bernard McCloskey ruled some content on the page amounted to prima facie harassment of the man, known only as XY.


The man had previously been given a six-year jail sentence for a string of child sex offences committed more than 20 years ago.

Judge McCloskey said: “Society has dealt with the plaintiff in accordance with the rule of law.

“He has been punished by incarceration and he is subject to substantial daily restrictions on his lifestyle.”

The judge in his ruling gave Facebook 72 hours to take the original page down.


A spokeswoman for Facebook said: “We are considering our next steps in light of the court judgment and we have nothing further to add at this stage.”

The page, called ‘Keeping our kids safe from predators’, was no longer visible at 20:00GMT but a new page entitled ‘Keeping our kids safe from predators 2’ had appeared, gaining over 2,400 likes in just a few hours.

It is not clear whether the creator of the new page is the same as the user that set up the original one.


However, the new page’s administrator wrote in a posting at 15:30GMT: “Thats (sic) the first page gone :( sad day.”

More than 5,000 people had liked the original page before its removal.

Some of the latest posts were written after the judge made his ruling.


Facebook is understood to have removed the man’s photo and comments made about him but his legal team insisted that the page should be shut down.

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‘The world is on fire!’ Fox News pundit stunned after Trump decides to host G7 at his golf club



Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt was stunned by the White House decision to host next year's G7 summit at a property owned by President Donald Trump.

White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney announced the international gathering would be held at Trump's struggling Doral golf course in Florida, and even the conservative Stirewalt couldn't believe the decision.

"The idea that this administration, dealing with what this administration is dealing with, right? A lot -- the unraveling in Syria, you’ve got the march to impeachment here at home, breaking news story every day. The world is on fire. Why?"

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Hosting the G-7 at Doral is still worth a million dollars to Trump — even if he donates all the profits: reporter



President Donald Trump's chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said that holding the G7 summit at Trump's Doral resort would not be a profit for the president. Reports about it fly in the face of the White House claims, however.

The Miami Herald reported in July, when Trump floated the idea, that Doral is in a financial rut and the G7 meeting could help Trump climb out of it.

"Hosting foreign dignitaries has been a financial boon for Trump’s private Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago Club, providing some insight into what financial gains might be expected from hosting the G7 Summit at Trump Doral," said The Herald.

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‘This has become the catch-us-if-you-can administration’ after Mulvaney blows off corruption: CNN’s Jim Acosta



On Thursday, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney dismissed concerns that the Trump administration had pressured the government of Ukraine to dig up information on political rivals.

"We do that all the time. Get over it," Mulvaney told reporters. "Politics is going to be involved in foreign policy--elections do have consequences."

CNN's Jim Acosta observed Thursday afternoon that corruption has just become the norm for Trump and his aides.

"I think that's probably a pretty remarkable admission coming from the acting Chief of Staff," Acosta said.

"You could almost read between the lines here where the acting Chief of Staff was almost saying to everybody in the room here, 'Catch us if you can.'"

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