Republican opinion host Sean Hannity reacted Thursday night with shock at liberal filmmaker Michael Moore's latest essay, in which he predicts that the National Rifle Association will be crushed if crime scene photos from the Sandy Hook massacre are ever released, just like the Vietnam war and institutionalized segregation were ended by similar images of death and destruction.

Calling Moore a "crazed liberal" and his observation "weird and horrific," Hannity convened a panel that universally agreed Moore is the real bad guy, not the people who lobby Washington for consumers to have unrestricted access to guns.

"He's kinda attention seeking here, politicizing a tragedy," Hannity said. "Obviously he's more about his political agenda than about families that have suffered enough already. To put parents through that, he'd really want that to happen?"

Guest Leslie Marshall, a Fox News contributor and talk radio host, added that "as a mom" she finds Moore's observation "horrific" but said she understands the point he's trying to make.

When Hannity objected by asking if the media should publish photos of people who were saved by guns, Marshall tried to note gun violence statistics but the host cut her off. "The statistics are lies," Hannity said. "Your statistics on the left are lies."

Fox News contributor and Republican campaign strategist Tony Sayegh interjected that Moore's observations about the crime scene photos is disgusting because it would be tied to an agenda: "ending the NRA's power."

This video is from "Hannity," aired Wednesday, March 13, 2013, snipped courtesy of Mediaite.