On Friday night's edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, panelists Jay-Z, Barney Frank, Josh Barro and Alexis Goldstein discussed Fox News' recent obsession with "black-on-black" crime in the wake of the Zimmerman trial.

Business Insider's Barro accused Fox of "concern trolling":

A [concern troll is someone] who posts on a blog thread, in the guise of "concern," to disrupt dialogue or undermine morale by pointing out that posters and/or the site may be getting themselves in trouble, usually with an authority or power. They point out problems that don't really exist. The intent is to derail, stifle, control, the dialogue. It is viewed as insincere and condescending.

Former Congressman Frank, hip-hop artist Jay-Z and "Occupy" activist Alexis Goldstein scuffled over the infamous "Stop-and-Frisk" program --a New York Police Department policy which has been highly criticized for racial profiling.

"I don't really want to scare America, but the real problem is there's no middle class, right? So, the gap between the have and have-nots is getting wider and wider," Jay-Z said.

"It's going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve because, you know, once you have that sort of oppression, you know --and that gap is widening--, it's inevitable that something is going to happen."

Watch the full segment below, originally uploaded to YouTube on August 23, 2013: