On September 10, 2013, registered Democrats in New York City -- many of them women -- will head to the polls to determine their party's candidate for mayor (and, mostly likely, the next mayor of New York City, given its demographics). And it is for that reason, nominally, that former Congressman Anthony Weiner remains in the news. Oh, sure, he wants to be the next mayor -- but given the campaign-tanking revelations that he sent more dick pics to and had phone sex with yet another "fan" in order to self-gratify after he resigned from Congress, it seems like Weiner has at least a few other "priorities" besides helping middle class New Yorkers.

With that in mind, it's almost impossible to listen to his debates, his commercials or his public appearances without hearing how he might've sounded and what he might have said to his long-distance paramours -- and Tuesday night's debate was no different. Here's a vague approximation of what Anthony Weiner really sounds like to at least some of his would-be constituents.

[Image via AFP]