The Tesla of motorcycles? Italian company unveils all-electric superbike

An Italian company is building the first street-legal, all-electric superbike.

CRP’s Energica Ego is powered by a 100 kW engine that tops out at more than 130 mph, but all that speed is available right away.

“With electric bikes you get 100 percent of the torque immediately, so that eliminates transmissions and clutches,” said Chris Nugent, of Energica.

Like most electric motorcycles, the battery is heavy, causing the Ego to tip the scales at a whopping 580 pounds.

So far, there’s only one prototype, but CRP plans to start production in early 2015.

The starting price of $23,000 is more than double most conventional new motorcycles but in line with prices for more upscale models.

[Image via YouTube]