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Surveillance drives international Internet group to take control from U.S.



The United States nominally controls the Internet, through the sponsorship of the Department of Commerce of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an international standards-setting body.

Well, ICANN is about through with them.

Earlier this week, leaders of organizations responsible for coordination of the global Internet technical infrastructure met in Montevideo, Uruguay and decided to hasten their planned withdrawal from the Commerce Department’s nominal oversight. In a statement, the group “expressed strong concern over the undermining of the trust and confidence of Internet users globally due to recent revelations of pervasive monitoring and surveillance.”


ICANNs members called for accelerating the globalization of its functions “towards an environment in which all stakeholders, including all governments, participate on an equal footing.”

Among its other duties, ICANN sets standards for how Internet traffic flows through international networks, how top-level domains like “.com” and “.org” work and how servers translate numerical designations for IP addresses into recognizable URLs like Google.com or RawStory.com. ICANN is ultimately responsible for keeping the international Internet from fracturing into smaller networks that cannot be reached outside each network.

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Large fires in Philadelphia — as police scramble to save City Hall



Protests in the City of Brotherly Love resulted in multiple police cares being lit on fire as windows were broken in the town's iconic City Hall.

Anti-police violence protests have erupted across America following the killing of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis.

Here are some of the scenes from the Philadelphia protests:





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Trump Tower is ‘under siege’ as Chicago Police make arrests to defend the president’s building



Protesters marched on Trump Tower in Chicago on Saturday, as Chicago police in riot gear and on horses defend the president's building.

State police were deployed to the scene to back up local police, who are reportedly arresting protesters.

On video showed protesters taking a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Actor John Cusack was among those documenting the protest.

Here are some of the images from the scene:




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George Floyd’s brother tears up discussing condolence phone call from Trump: ‘It hurt me’



The brother of George Floyd described the condolence phone call he received from President Donald Trump during a Saturday interview on MSNBC.

Philonise Floyd was interviewed by the Rev. Al Sharpton on "Politics Nation."

While Derek Chauvin has been arrested and charged with third degree murder, the other three officers involved in the killing remain free.

"They all need to be convicted of first degree murder and given the death penalty," Floyd said.

"What was the conversation with President Trump like?" Sharpton asked.

"It was so fast," Floyd replied.

"He didn't give me an opportunity to even speak. It was hard, I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept like pushing me off, like 'I don't want to hear what you're talking about.' And I just told him I want justice. I said that I couldn't believe they committed a modern-day lynching in broad daylight."

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