After a gunman went on a shooting spree at the Fort Hood, Texas military base yesterday, a man who identified himself as a "contributing journalist" at Breitbart sent out the following tweet:

Pat Dollard is a former Hollywood agent who claims to have been instrumental in getting Steven Soderbergh's adaptation the German mini-series Traffik into theaters. Sources close to Soderbergh, however, told Raw Story that Pat Dollard merely "filled in" as the director's agent after the tragic, accidental death of his sister, Ann, who was Soderbergh's original agent.

Since that time, according to Mother Jones, Pat Dollard has become "an aggressive right-wing presence online." Mother Jones contacted Breitbart editor Alex Marlow -- as well as the site's publisher, Stephen Bannon -- for comment on Dollard's tweet.

Shortly thereafter, a spokesman for Breitbart News, Kurt Bardella, called Mother Jones and said that Dollard "was not a paid contributor and has not contributed for three years. He should not call himself a contributor. We have no plans," Bardella said, "to accept anything. We haven't ruled anything out. But he is not a Breitbart contributor."

Dollard is listed as a "contributor" on the Breitbart website, but as of this moment, most of the material he contributed is not currently available on the site.

Articles he wrote in 2010, such as this one, however, are currently still available.