Florida woman arrested for torturing, killing animals for fetish videos

A Florida woman, already in custody for violating probation, is facing an additional forty years in prison after police turned up animal torture fetish videos she appeared in where she decapitated live chickens and killed rabbits while engaging in sex acts.

According to the Miami Herald, Sara Zamora, 28, was arrested on eight felony counts of animal cruelty for her feature role in a video called “SOS Barn” that showed her and other porn actresses “torturing and killing a wide variety of animals, including chickens, rabbits and more for the sexual gratification of its viewers.”

The snuff or 'crush' video was filmed at the South Miami-Dade home of Adam Redford, who is listed as a co-defendant.

Redford is already on probation for a similar animal cruelty case but has yet to be charged in this most recent case.

Saying he knew nothing about Zamora’s case, Redford said, “I haven’t seen or talked to her in close to a year.”

Police were tipped off to the videos by animal rights group PETA, with director of cruelty cases for PETA, Stephanie Bell, calling the arrest, “Excellent news. We have been waiting for this.”

In one video clip, police said Zamora groped a man’s genitals with her left hand while “repeatedly cutting a chicken’s neck using hedge clippers with her right.”

In others, she posed “in a sexy outfit” after hacking off the head of another screaming bird, beat chickens to death with a wooden stick and karate-chopped the necks of several rabbits whiled they howled in pain, before confessing to killing them.

Zamora had been on probation on two separate cases, on charges including grand-theft with a firearm, credit card fraud, possession of a fictitious driver’s license and cocaine possession, but had been taken into custody after failing a probation mandated drug test.

If convicted on the animal cruelty charges, she could face up to five years in prison on each count.