San Francisco man shot to death after accidentally walking into wrong apartment
Man pointing a gun (Shutterstock )

A 26-year-old San Francisco man was shot to death early Saturday by a neighbor after going to the wrong apartment after a night of drinking.

Relatives said Stephen Guillermo apparently pressed the wrong floor number on the elevator at his Mission Street apartment building, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Guillermo got off on the third floor instead of the fifth floor, where he lived with his brother and sister, and went to the unit in the same location as his apartment two floors above.

He was shot at 1:40 a.m. inside the apartment of Amisi Sudi Kachepa, who later surrendered to police and has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Neighbors said Kachepa blamed Guillermo for breaking his doorknob, which was missing Saturday.

"It just doesn't fit," said his sister, Sharrmaine Guillermo, adding that her brother did not become violent or aggressive when he drank. "Stephen is not the kind of guy who would do that."

Guillermo was studying international business at San Francisco State University and hoped to join the U.S. Foreign Service, his brother said.

He also worked as a driver for Lyft and sold Puma athletic shoes.

[Image: Man pointing a gun via Shutterstock]