The new emoji that will allow you to at last fully express yourself

From 'wind blowing face' to 'man in business suit levitating', a new batch of emojis shows we've moved way, way beyond just smileys and sad faces

Words are overrated – ask anyone on the internet – which is why millions outsource the act of expressing their deepest feelings to emoji. From the familiar yellow faces (grimaces and grins galore) to more cryptic images ("ballet dancers with bunny ears", "busts in silhouette") – emojis are an inescapable part of modern life. And now software standards group the Unicode Consortium has announced a new range, to be released in July, adding some 250 new emojis to our lexicon. There aren't images for them all yet, but we do at least know their names. Here are seven of the most intriguing – and when to use them. [Insert celebratory "flamenco dancer in red dress" emoji].

Wind Blowing Face: One of a number of new weather emoji in the batch, this will be practical for anyone in the UK between the months of October to July. And chunks of August and September, too.

Derelict House Building: Is your neighbourhood in dire need of gentrification? Alert property developers with this handy emoji and get priced out of your home even faster.

Empty Document: For days when the words just don't come. University students will love this one.

Anger Bubble: Why be direct when a passive-aggressive emoji can do it for you?

Dark Sunglasses: To denote hangovers from hell. The only current alternative is a sun with sunglasses on, which is not only inadequate, but also nonsensical – why would the sun need sunglasses? Think it through, guys.

Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended: Come on. [Insert "unamused face" emoji] This is self-explanatory, no?

Man in Business Suit Levitating: When won't this be useful?

You can read the full list of new emojis here. © Guardian News and Media 2014