Washington Republican 'Representative Beefcake' resigns over vote fraud

State officials in Washington are trying to determine whether a now-former state Representative owes them any of the money he earned as a state lawmaker.

According to the Greenfield Reporter, state Rep. Mike Hope (R) -- a former b-movie actor who bills himself as "Representative Beefcake" because of his ripped physique -- stepped down after it was revealed that he was registered to vote in both Ohio and Washington.

Hope, who had previously announced that he would not be running for reelection after his third term, had intended to settle in Ohio and registered to vote there in 2013. The lawmaker, who represents the 44th Legislative District does not have a home in his Washington district, living with his brother in Snohomish.

According to the Heraldnet, Democratic activist Mark Hintz, contacted the office of Barbara Baker, chief clerk of the House of Representatives, about Hope's dual voting registration.

State law requires an elected official to remain a registered voter in the district in which they serve. If they are not a registered voter, they must be immediately removed from office.

Now officials are looking into whether Hope must reimburse that state for his earnings as a legislator.

“I think we did get duped by him and should have to pay it back,” Hintz, who is chairman of the 44th Legislative District Democrats, said. “He sold his house, registered in Ohio and continued to take taxpayers' money to represent people in Washington while living in Ohio. That's unconscionable.”

In a letter to Gov. Jay Inslee, Hope wrote, "It has been an honor to serve in the Washington State House of Representatives. It has also been an honor to serve during your term. However, I can no longer serve the remainder of my legislative term.”

Hope had previously obtained a level of notoriety after 'beefcake' photos of himself, taken to promote a movie career, were discovered online in 2013.

[Hope photo via IMDB]