A Washington state white supremacist with a lengthy criminal history added a felony harassment charge to his record after profanely threatening a sheriff’s deputy.

The Pierce County sheriff’s deputy spotted 48-year-old Michael Williams riding a bicycle Thursday against traffic and without a helmet, reported KOMOnews.com.

The deputy stopped Williams, who had numerous tattoos that clearly identified him as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and found he smelled like alcohol and had bloodshot eyes.

Williams became agitated during the stop and invited the deputy to perform oral sex on him, take off his uniform, or fight him.

The deputy also said Williams threatened to kill him, and he called the deputy, his mother, wife, and hypothetical children a racial slur.

Williams, who claimed he has spent 23 years in prison, has prior convictions in Texas for sexual assault of a child and forgery, and he was wanted in Olympia at the time of his arrest.

[Image via Wikipedia Commons]