WATCH: Body cam video shows suspect begging cop to call off out-of-control K9
K9 attack (YouTube)

Police in Carroll County, Arkansas, have released disturbing body-cam video of a K9 police dog attacking a compliant and handcuffed suspect after the dog broke free from his handler.

In the video, obtained by the Carroll County News and posted to their Facebook page, the dog, a Belgian Malinois named Tyson, can be seen biting the suspect on the back of his thigh for ninety seconds while ignoring commands to release the man.

As the suspect writhes in pain in the street, the dog's handler can be heard blaming him for the attack, yelling at him, "Stop f*cking moving!"

According to authorities, officers were called to investigate a man in possession of a gun at an apartment complex in Green Forrest.

Officers spotted the suspect,  Brennan Badley, 24, in the street and ordered him onto the ground where he was searched and then handcuffed.

In  video taken by a body-cam on the dog's handler, Deputy D.J. Harlan, the dog can be seen excitedly leaping up and whining as Badley is taken into custody.

After Harlan moves the dog onto a grassy area, he loses control of the dog who attacks Badley on the ground, grabbing the back of thigh as the handcuffed Badley attempts to get away from the dog.

Badley can be heard saying "Get that dog off me," while trying to pull away to which Harlan can be heard replying, "Stop f*cking moving!"

"I'm sorry," Badley responds.

Harlan then orders Tyson at least three times to release  Badley's leg as Badley can be heard saying, "Please, please, please. Please pull that dog off me," before adding, "Please. I can't be still much longer."

Another officer can be heard asking Harlan, "Why is he not letting go?"

After ninety seconds, Harlan persuades the dog to release Badley, leaving his jeans ripped open where he was biting him.

"When I say don't move, don't move, please," Harlan can be heard telling the suspect as the other officers look on. " When we have a K-9 sittin' there, don't f*cking move, until you're told to."

In an interview given before the video recording was obtained, CCSO Lt. Michael Zimmerman explained that the dog had reacted to Badley's movement according to his training, while noting that Tyson had not previously attacked other suspects once they were on the ground.

"It's not like this particular dog just runs and bites anyone who is around," he said. "There are specific things he looks for. This guys rolls over on his right side and Tyson thinks he's trying to run away."

After reviewing the video, Green Forest Police Chief John Bailey blamed the sheriffs department for the attack and said Tyson should be re-evaluated as a K9 member.

"I don't understand why they want to try to blame anyone else," Bailey said. "Generally when you have this kind of failure it's due to a lack of training. ... I believe it was an accident. The dog was excited, got loose and unfortunately the man got bitten. If we had a dog that did something like that it would be standard procedure that the dog would be offline until evaluated and re-certified."

Badley was not charged in connection with the incident that resulted in the dog bite, but was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant.

Watch the video below uploaded to YouTube by savyfide: