'Libtard'-hating ex-cop claims feds paid him to lure right-wing nutjobs with profane videos
Mark Kessler (YouTube)

A former Pennsylvania police chief claims he made a series of profane videos showing his rants against “libtards” as part of a government effort to identify anti-government extremists.

Mark Kessler, who was fired as police chief by the city of Gilberton over the videos, told Alan Colmes that he produced the videos with a federal government agency to draw out sovereign citizens and other "lone wolves" willing to commit violent acts.

“When I say groups, I’m talking about Second Amendment groups, patriot groups, alleged patriot groups, militia groups,” Kessler said.

He told Colmes, the former Fox News host, that he could not provide more details about the federal agency because some of the investigations remained open.

“I got to save a lot of lives,” Kessler said. “I’m happy to say that we took down several plotted attacks that didn’t go through, we took down a group in Georgia. We took down a group in Texas.”

He claimed his efforts helped investigators interrupt an alleged plot to bomb a federal building by the Georgia-based XXX Minutemen.

Three Floyd County men were arrested in February in connection with the alleged plot, which FBI agents said was revealed as agents monitored online conversations.

Kessler claimed the videos also helped authorities identify some “wanna-be terrorists” involved in the militia movement in Texas.

The former police chief, who claimed he signed a reality show deal with Relativity TV earlier this year, appeared in the videos firing off rounds from an AR-15 and angrily ranting against “libtard” politicians and promoting various conspiracy theories.

“Democrats are the most vile creatures in this country,” he said in one video. “They are vile. They are evil, evil, un-American. I don’t even want to call them people because that’s being too kind. They’re scum. You go against your country. They hate their country.”

Kessler also claimed earlier this year that he had formed his own militia group, 3 Percent Boots on the Ground, which he said had attracted thousands of members in chapters around the country.

He told Colmes he did not believe the statements he made in the videos, which he said the unspecified agency paid him to produce.

Kessler also said Gilbertson's mayor and other city officials were unaware he was allegedly working for a federal agency.

Watch Kessler's interview with Colmes posted online by Liberaland: