Ohio cops back into, then arrest woman who was protesting killing of unarmed black man at Walmart
Beavercreek Walmart protester (YouTube)

Police in Beavercreek, Ohio backed into, then arrested a woman protesting in front of the Walmart where cops shot a black patron holding a toy gun earlier this year.

The protests began inside the store, but employees called for a storewide evacuation shortly after the protesters staged a "die-in" in the very aisle where police shot and killed John Crawford III on August 5, 2014.

In this video, protesters -- including the open carry activist recording protest -- can be heard singing "justice for John Crawford, justice for us all" as they peacefully moved toward the exits:

According to one shopper, Roxanna Lee, cashiers became "flustered" as news of the protest spread, until one of them announced that a "Code Sam" -- store nomenclature for a potential security threat -- had been called.

Cashiers then began to herd angry shoppers out of the store, where they were greeted not only by protesters, but law enforcement officials from multiple jurisdictions, including Beavercreek, Fairborn, Kettering, Bellbrook, Sugarcreek Twp. and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. In this video, police can be heard threatening the protesters -- who are holding up their arms and chanting, "hands up, don't shoot" -- with arrest if they do not leave the parking lot:

According to Counter Current News, police began to focus an undue amount of attention on one African-American male protester, which led another protester -- an older white woman -- to demand to know why they were "singling him out."

At that point, a Beavercreek Police Department cruiser allegedly backed into her. In another video, one of Counter Current News' "citizen journalists" can be heard shouting, "that cop right there -- 149 -- just backed into that old lady! He just backed into her! They ran over her!"

In the video below, three officers can be seen pulling the older woman onto the hood of a squad car and arresting her for resisting arrest.

"I'm not resisting," she can be heard saying, "I'm just asking why you singled him out." The woman -- whose name is not known -- is one of at least four people arrested at the protest.

[CORRECTION: This article originally claimed that police "ran over" a protester. However, video of the incident shows a police SUV slowly backed into the woman and an officer who tried to move her out of the way. Neither the woman nor the officer appeared to be hurt. Raw Story regrets the error.]