Why I'm canceling my holiday plans and driving five hours to Bakersfield to see 'The Interview'
Leader Kim Jong-Un inspects the Hwa Islet defense detachment off the east coast of North Korea (AFP)

Sony has announced it will be showing the Seth Rogan/ James Franco buddy picture "The Interview" at a limited number of theaters on Christmas Day.

So far, they haven't announced any showings in the San Francisco Bay Area -- which is where I live. So, the meth-infused wasteland that is Bakersfield is my new destination on Christmas.

Why am I doing this? By all accounts, the frat-boy road pic will suck. But, that doesn't matter. 'Glorious leader' idiot man-child Kim Jong Un is a fascist douchebag and Sony should have NEVER kowtowed to these silly threats in the first place.

Sometimes, you have to vote with your feet.