Man accidentally kills babysitter after stopping home to check on kids and repair his gun
Handgun (Shutterstock)

A Louisiana man accidentally shot and killed his family's teenage babysitter while examining his handgun following a night out with his wife.

Adonis Forbes and his wife had been celebrating their wedding anniversary Saturday but stopped home about 9 p.m. to check on their children before heading out again, reported The Advocate.

While at their Baton Rouge home, police said, the 25-year-old Forbes also decided to check on his handgun and found it was malfunctioning.

Police said the gun fired while Forbes was trying to repair it, and a bullet struck the 13-year-old babysitter in the abdomen.

Officers said Forbes was attempting to administer aid to Murrain Hawkins when they arrived, but the teen was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Forbes was charged with negligent homicide after he was questioned and jailed on $10,000 bond.