Tech mogul John McAfee reveals he now lives in Tennessee and is 'constantly armed'
Anti-virus software developer John McAfee [USA Today]

Software developer John McAfee has relocated to Tennessee after two years he allegedly spent avoiding a Central American hit squad -- but remains "constantly armed," USA Today reported.

"I'm fully prepared for the eventuality that there will be an attempted raid on my residence or my car or my person at some place or at some time," McAfee said of his new life in Lexington. "At some point you have to stand up and defend your position, your home, your family -- and that's what I'm doing."

McAfee, who built his reputation in the tech industry with the anti-virus software that bears his name, has been on the run since authorities in Belize named him a person of interest regarding the death of neighbor, Gregory Faull, in November 2012.

Since then, he has claimed that police there were looking to kill him.

"I've been on the move for two years because the government of Belize is trying to silence me," McAfee told USA Today. "I speak out against the government. I have a great deal of information that implicates the government in very heinous crimes and gross corruption."

Belizean authorities said last year that McAfee was never charged in connection with Faull's death and that the local government had no plans to extradite him.

However, McAfee -- who is mentoring developers for several local tech start-up firms and planning a conference for this April -- has claimed that people have recently shot at his car and planted an explosive device near his truck's gas tank. The Federal Bureau of Investigations has not confirmed his statement that it is investigating the explosive.

"I'm fully prepared to defend my turf -- I have a security detail, guns and pit bulls," he said. "I'm in Lexington. This is where you can find me."

Watch USA Today's report on McAfee's move to Tennessee, as posted online on Wednesday, below.

[h/t The Daily Mail]