Larry King and 'Big Bang Theory' star mock Alabama's 'absurd' chief justice for blocking same-sex marriages
'Big Bang Theory' star Johnny Galecki during an interview with Ora.TV host Larry King on March 11, 2015. host Larry King and Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki took a moment during their interview on Wednesday to blast Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for his efforts to stifle marriage equality.

"What happened in Alabama last month was just absurd," Galecki told King.

Moore has drawn criticism upon himself after ordering local probate judges not to recognize unions involving same-sex couples following a federal court ruling striking down a state ban on gay marriages. reported earlier in the day that Mobile County Probate Judge Davis must also comply with Moore's order.

At one point, Moore also suggested that he would maintain his stance even if the Supreme Court changed what he called "God's organic law" on the issue.

On Wednesday, Galecki asked King to help him understand Moore's rationale.

"Let's say marijuana was legalized and we decided to smoke a little joint -- I don't smoke, but I hear you have good stuff," Galecki said. "And a police officer on a bicycle comes up and snatches it away from us, and throws it out and handcuffs us and detains us because he doesn't personally like it, he would be arrested. He would at least lose his job."

"That's the judge that thinks the Ten Comandments were in the Constitution," King responded.

Watch the exchange, as posted by Ora.TV on Wednesday, below.