Michele Bachmann: Obama is rushing us toward doomsday -- but we'll meet Jesus sooner
Michelle Bachmann (WND)

Michele Bachmann is certain the end of the world is nigh – and it’s all President Barack Obama’s fault.

The Republican former congresswoman has been giving interviews with Christian broadcaster Jan Markell blaming the president’s Iran policies for the hastening apocalypse, reported Right Wing Watch.

“It is interesting to me that if you look at the president’s rhetoric, if you look at his actions, everything he has done has been to cut the legs out from Israel and lift up the agenda of radical Islam,” Bachmann said.

She agreed with Markell, host of the “Understanding the Times” radio program, that legal abortion and same-sex marriage had cursed the United States.

“We need to realize how close this clock is to getting toward the midnight hour, and I think that’s why for our sake (and) for the sake of our families, for our nation (and) for the next generation, we need to cry out to a Holy God” Bachmann said. “This is coming faster than anyone can see.”

Bachmann told Markell that she watched the end of the world drawing near, faster and faster, during her service on the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.

“It got to such crescendo that I could hardly keep up with it anymore,” said Bachmann, who did not run for re-election last year. “The events have picked up such a pace and are going to continue, it’s just like the Bible forewarned.”

She repeated her warning that Obama would trigger the End Times in accordance with the biblical prophecy.

“We are literally watching month by month the speed move up to a level we’ve never seen before with these events,” Bachmann said. “Barack Obama is intent, it is his number one goal, to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon.”

She said Christians should “get right with God,” “intercede,” and then “rejoice that we get to be living in the most exciting time in history.”

“We within our lifetimes see Jesus Christ returning to Earth, the Rapture of the church – this is one of the most exciting times in history,” she said.