Christian columnist: Molestation-hiding Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aren't hypocrites -- liberals are
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at Starbucks (Facebook)

A Christian columnist and blogger who writes for Glenn Beck's website has joined with former Governor Mike Huckabee, defending Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for hiding the fact that their eldest son had been molesting his sisters, while at the same time they were using their soapbox to lecture on sexual morality.

Matt Walsh, who writes for The Blaze as well as his own blog, admits that Josh Duggar molested his siblings, calling his actions "terrible," but hastens to add that the backlash against the Duggar family is solely because they are Christians.

"Not because Josh’s actions were terrible — though they were, of course — but because the Duggars are a prominent Christian family who regularly speak out on contentious social issues like gay marriage," he wrote. "They are roundly despised for their beliefs, their outspoken nature, and for the parents’ decision to have 19 kids. Progressive trolls have been anxiously waiting for a chance to burn them down and dance on their ashes, and now they’ve finally been given the opportunity."

According to Walsh, criticism of the Duggars is linked to a basic misunderstanding of Christianity.

"None of us — not the Duggars, not anyone — claim that a faith in Jesus bestows perfect holiness on the faithful. It is because of our sinful nature that we need Him. When we sin, we do not disprove that thesis; we underscore it," he wrote. "A Christian failing to live up to his faith does not make him a hypocrite. It makes him cowardly, perhaps. It makes him selfish. It makes him flawed. It makes him sinful. It makes him any number of things, but not necessarily a hypocrite."

Walsh failed to note that the Duggars are being called "hypocrites" for attacking the LGBT community, specifically, Michelle Duggar's robocalls calling for the repeal of additional LGBT protections in Arkansas.

"I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space,” the mother of nineteen said.

On their television show, the Duggar parents enforced strict rules for the Duggar girls when dating; allowing  no physical contact other than "side-hugs," with the first kiss reserved for their wedding day.

Despite this, Walsh accused "progressives" of hypocrisy, stating " I simply don’t believe most progressives actually care that Josh Duggar touched his sisters when he was 14. I don’t believe they are upset about it, or that it offends them, or that they are morally troubled by it. I don’t believe them. I just don’t. I think they’re the real hypocrites."

Walsh then linked the hypocrisy to popular actress and "liberal hero" Lena Dunham, who admitted in her bestseller that she had touched her sister private areas when she was a child, and Bill Clinton, " who was credibly accused of rape multiple times."

"Progressive culture is filled to the brim with rapists, molesters, and deviants, but they never seem worried about any of it until some well known Christian crosses the line," he concluded.

Previously Walsh complained  that he has been “sexually harassed” by rapper Azealia Banks because she sent him a photo of her genitals in response to an open letter to her telling her to leave the U.S. if she didn't like it.

Walsh has also been critical of woman who wear yoga pants as causal wear, writing, "They are tailored to accentuate every curve, and as the saying goes, they leave little to the imagination. In other words, if worn on their own and not underneath something else, they’re immodest. Of course they’re immodest. If spandex butt-huggers aren’t immodest, then what is? Do you have to actually walk into the grocery store wearing nothing but socks and a sign that says “HEY LOOK AT ME” before we can accuse you of being a bit too forward?"