Twitter trolls rip Jay Z, Beyoncé for bailing out Baltimore protesters: 'They are the trash we thought they were'
Beyoncé and Jay Z (Shutterstock)

News that businessman and music mogul Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé  wired money to bail out arrested Baltimore and Ferguson protestors was greeted with applause by many as the artists stepped up their support for the Black Lives Matters movement.

The Baltimore protests were in response to the death of Freddie Gray who died in police custody, leading Maryland prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to indict six Baltimore police officers for actions leading to his death.

In a recent performance, which was uploaded to YouTube (see below), Jay Z addressed the deaths of Freddie Gray, Ferguson's Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin who was killed by George Zimmerman

However, with every positive reaction comes a negative reaction as Twitter trolls trashed the couple for their support of protesters, calling them "thugs" and "anti-white."

"#JayZ & #Beyonce are the trash we thought they were, bailing out #antiWhite #THUGS in #baltimoreriot.#tcot #ccot #p2," wrote @DanielGenseric, whose Twitter page bio claims he is fighting "#whitegenocide."

"Thug" was a reoccurring theme for many Twitter users critical of the couple.

"Aww, that's adorable how he's springing the thugs...Jay Z quietly posting bail4 protestrs," wrote @Kimba212Jupiter.

Responding to a Drudge Report link to the story, self-described "Christian Conservative" @DebraAnnGW Tweeted, "How pathetic. I wonder if police will have 2nd thoughts about protecting them knowing they promoted violence against cops."

A sampling below: