WTF? NBC's Chuck Todd airs 'color-blind' segment with all-black shooters to address Charleston massacre
NBC host Churck Todd (screen grab)

Following the tragic deaths of nine black church-goers in Charleston at the hands of an alleged white supremacist, NBC host Chuck Todd featured a segment with only black murders who were regretful of using guns.

On Sunday's edition of Meet the Press, Todd kicked off a discussion about gun control with a video of convicted murderers at Sing Sing Correctional Facility talking about how they wished they had never picked up a gun.

"The circumstances you are about to see are very different from the racist violence in Charleston," Todd explained. "In this case, in the inmates are African-American that you're going to hear from. But their lessons remain important."

"And we simply ask you to look at this as a color-blind issue that's about just simply gun violence," he added.

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Following the video clip of several tearful black men who said that they never intended to kill anyone when they picked up a gun, Todd returned to his panel of guests for comments.

"Passing a law isn't going to change the culture," Todd opined.

"But passing the right law -- passing a law that frankly we're not going to pass would take a lot of guns out of circulation, would make the gun not the normal thing one reaches for when one wants to aggrandize ones self-esteem," columnist Eugene Robinson argued.

Robinson agreed that the video of the black men had been "powerful," but he said that it did not fit the circumstances.

"There wasn't a terribly diverse set of people who were talking," the columnist observed. "Right now, we're talking about a horrific crime committed by a white man, we're talking about the search for two escaped murderers who are white men."

"So we should point out that this is not just an African-American problem."

"No, no, no, no," Todd replied. "And it wasn't intended to be that way."

Watch the video below from NBC, broadcast June 21, 2015.