Watch this transgender reporter humiliate Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro: ‘You’re a little man, a little boy'
Zoey Tur and Ben Shapiro on HLN (Screenshot)

Appearing on the Dr. Drew show, Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro got into a sharply worded exchange with Inside Edition transgender reporter Zoey Tur, with Tur responding to Shapiro's rude comments by calling him a "little boy" and threatening to send him home "in an ambulance."

During a heated discussion over the appropriateness of ESPN bestowing the ESPY Courage award on Caitlyn Jenner, Shapiro alternately referred to Jenner as both Bruce and Caitlyn, while refusing to use the proper female pronoun for the former Olympic athlete.

Called out on his lack of respect for Jenner, the diminutive Shapiro dismissed complaints about his choice of language.

“Forget about the disrespect,” Shapiro said. “Facts don’t care about your feelings. It turns out that every chromosome, every cell in Caitlyn Jenner’s body, is male, with the exception of some of his sperm cells.”

After Dr. Drew explained the science of gender to Shapiro, Tur jumped in.

“We both know chromosomes don’t necessarily mean you’re male or female,” Tur replied, as she put her hand on Shapiro’s shoulder. “So you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re not educated on genetics.”

Shapiro then replied, “What are your genetics, sir?” at which point Tur had enough, telling the conservative gadfly, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

Despite calling transgender individuals "mentally ill," Shapiro later claimed he felt no ill will towards them, leading to Tur to look at him and say, "You’re consumed with hatred. You’re a little man, a little boy.”

Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by TV World: