WATCH: Bernie Sanders reveals detailed plan to combat institutional racism and inequality at Portland rally
Senator Bernie Sanders addresses crowd of 28,000 in Portland, Oregon on August 9, 2015 (YouTube)

In front of a crowd of 28,000 in Portland, Oregon -- his largest gathering of supporters yet -- 2016 Democratic presidential contender Senator Bernie Sanders announced a comprehensive plan on fighting for racial justice in America.

"We must pursue policies that transform this country into a nation that affirms the value of its people of color. That starts with addressing the four central types of violence waged against black and brown Americans: physical, political, legal and economic," the platform reads.

The plan comes one day after Sanders was interrupted by self-identified "Black Lives Matter" protestors in Seattle.

In the platform, Sanders specifically addresses the recent violence and death experienced by black Americans that has galvanized the "Black Lives Matter" movement:

Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Samuel DuBose. We know their names. Each of them died unarmed at the hands of police officers or in police custody. The chants are growing louder. People are angry and they have a right to be angry. We should not fool ourselves into thinking that this violence only affects those whose names have appeared on TV or in the newspaper. African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.

You can read the entire platform here.

Watch Sanders full speech in Portland below, as uploaded by The Oregonian: