Adulterous GOP Michigan lawmaker resigns, fellow Tea Partier expelled by legislature
Michigan Reps. Todd Courser (R), and Cindy Gamrat (R) - photo via Michigan House Republicans

The bizarre and sordid saga of two Republican Tea Party lawmakers in the Michigan House who were having an affair is drawing to a close as one tendered his resignation while the other was expelled by her fellow lawmakers.

In the early morning hours on Friday -- and after 14 hours of deliberation -- state Rep. Todd Courser stepped down from his state House seat, with his fellow lawmaker, Cindy Gamrat, being ousted by an overwhelming vote, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Both family values Republicans have been under fire for weeks after Courser was caught trying to self-smear himself with a rumor that he had a gay hook-up with a male prostitute in an alley behind a bar in order to deflect attention from the affair he was having with Gamrat.

Courser's bizarre and elaborate plan blew up when an aide refused to be a part of the scheme and turned recordings of Courser game-planning the fraud over to local media.

Since that time, Courser has blamed mysterious blackmailers and the "Lansing mafia" for setting him up, while posting rambling messages on Facebook saying he had been forgiven by Jesus.

Faced with expulsion, the father of three issued a simple statement Friday morning stating: "I hereby tender my resignation from the Michigan House of Representatives effective immediately. It has been an honor serving with the dedicated members and staff of the House of Representatives."

Gamrat, a mother of four, asked the House to simply censure her in lieu of expulsion, however her peers were not feeling charitable and she was booted on a 91-12 vote.

The saga is not over, with lawmakers adding a resolution to Gamrat's expulsion vote calling for a Michigan State Police and the Attorney General's office to continue investigating the matter the over questions of whether the not-so-star crossed lovers may have misused their offices during their brief tenure.

Courser commented that he just wants to move on, stating: "It's an unfortunate chapter where we're at, but it's time to turn a page and go in a different direction and obviously heal, in my own house and in this body as well."

He added, "It's been hell."