Tony Perkins: The Constitution protects Christianity but not Islam because it's not just a religion
Tony Perkins speaks to Fox News -- screencapture

Family Research Council head Tony Perkins attempted to support GOP candidate Ben Carson's assertion that Islam was incompatible with democracy by pointing out that the Constitution doesn't protect it like it does Christianity, reports Right Wing Watch.

On his 'Washington Watch' radio program Monday, Perkins attacked the media for going after Kim Davis and mocking her Christian beliefs before turning to Carson and Islam, saying Muslim's beliefs shouldn't be extended the same protections given to Christians.

"Religious freedom and our liberty is ordered liberty under the Constitution,” Perkins explained. “And as Dr. Carson pointed out, and I know this is driving the left crazy, Islam is not just a religion. Islam is an economic system, it is a judicial system, it is a comprehensive system which is incompatible with the Constitution. That’s what Dr. Carson said and he happens to be correct.”

Perkin's also asserted that laws should not protect a Muslim who attempted to blow something up, saying, "I mean, when was the last time you saw a Baptist trying to blow something up?”

Perkin's failed to mention the long reign of terror including multiple bombings and acts of arson upon women's health centers by fundamentalist Christians.

Listen to Perkins below, from Right Wing Watch: