SNL kicks off season with devastatingly brutal lampoon of Donald Trump
Taran Killam and Cecily Strong as Donald and Melania Trump -- (NBC screenshot)

The season premier of Saturday Night Live wasted no time going after GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, with cast member Taran Killam delivering a noteworthy impression of the bombastic billionaire. However cast mate Cecily Strong stole the scene as Trump's Slovenian-born wife Melania innocently exposing him as a fraud.

Sitting in their "humble gold house" Killam's Trump introduces America to his wife Melania, saying "You're probably looking at this lovely woman here and saying, 'Whoa. Who's this? Another bangable daughter?'"

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As his talk turned to accusations that he hates women, Trump's battles with Megan Kelly of Fox News was addressed with Killam explaining it has "all been blown out of proportion."

"Yes, people are saying he was not nice to her," Strong's Melania explained. "He was worried. He said she was bleeding everywhere, she should go to hospital."

"That's right. I was actually afraid she was gonna die," Trump jumped in. "Honestly. I love Megan Kelly. I love her, I think she's great. She's talented and beautiful....but she a heifer who is always on her period and I hate her and I hope she dies."

Other topics covered included Melania Trump coming over from Slovenia after Trump picked her out of a magazine, saying she didn't need a green card "because those are for poor people."

The fact that Trump was previously a Democrat supporting abortion rights and gay rights was also addressed with Trump growing uncomfortable with the topic.

With Trump denying he says outrageous things to keep his poll numbers high, his wife tests him by saying his numbers are slipping.

"Mexicans are stealing our children" Trump blurts out.

Watch the video below from NBC: