Jeb can't even fix this: Bush's campaign forgets to register
Former Republican Governor of Florida Jeb Bush (C) celebrates after announcing his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential elections, at Miami Dade College on June 15, 2015, in Miami, Florida (AFP Photo/Andrew Patron)

Not only did Jeb Bush's campaign not buy webpage domains for his slogan "Jeb can fix it," but the former Florida governor is being accused of stealing it from a Texas man, Politico reported.

The website was bought by former Austin City Council candidate Jimmy Flannigan, who used the phrase "Flannigan Can Fix It" during his own campaign.

"I bought the domain name while we were in the planning meeting. I wouldn't breathe a word of anything to anyone before buying a domain name, or at least assessing what might happen if I don't own it," Flanagan said. "When I first heard it leaked last week, the first thing I did was see if he had bought the domain name, since Jeb has a history of not buying domain names. So I was surprised, but not shocked."

Bush's new slogan, which was unveiled as part of his campaign "reboot," was instead mocked online. Flanagan said he would listen if Bush's team offered to buy the website rights from him, while also expressing sympathy for his floundering campaign.

"It can't be easy to be constantly overshadowed by your dad and brother," Flanagan said.

According to Politico, the website has also been taken, and features videos of several highly-criticized statements from Bush.