Jeb Can’t Fix It: Bush’s campaign reboot flops as Twitter demolishes his dopey new slogan
Via Twitter

A week after faltering GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush ran home to Texas to meet with his family and stop his campaign's financial bleeding, the former Florida governor launched a reboot of his drive for the nomination with the slogan "Jeb can fix it."

At a  scheduled rally in Tampa, Bush announced what he hopes a campaign tour that he believes will help stop his precipitous fall in the polls that has seen him go from front-runner turn to also-ran.

Bush hinted at the change in direction in his campaign on Sunday, saying he has the leadership qualities to fix what is wrong with America. However, with commentators and strategists saying Bush could be out of the race within 30 days, Twitter commenters were quick to ask what exactly Jeb will "fix": the country and his own collapsing campaign.

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