Republican presidential candidate and bombastic billionaire Donald Trump this week refused to rule out placing U.S. Muslims in a database and requiring them to carry special identification.

Sergeant Tayyib Rashid, a veteran of the Marine Corps, took exception to those comments and challenged Trump, posting a picture of his military ID on Twitter with the words, "I'm an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge. Where's yours?"

Rashid posted the tweet after Trump said he would require that Muslims in the United States would be tracked, according to the Daily Mail.

Trump never served in the military, according to the Daily Mail. He deferred his draft call-up four times during the Vietnam War because he was in college, and after completing his degree was declared medically unfit.

The former reality television star and beauty pageant runner joined the ranks of mostly-conservative politicians who reacted to last week's deadly terrorist attacks in Paris by acting out against the Muslim population at large. The Republican-led House this week passed a bill intensifying screenings of Syrian refugees -- which President Obama has threatened to veto.

Trump's vow to identify and track American Muslims drew comparisons to Nazis forcing Jewish citizens to wear badges on their clothing identifying them. A Rhode Island Republican took things a step further this week when she said Syrian refugees should be rounded up and placed in camps -- a sentiment echoed by other GOP colleagues.