It gets worse: Trump supporter yells ‘Sieg heil!’ as protester violently dragged out of Vegas rally
Donald Trump speaking in Las Vegas (NBC/screen grab)

2016 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump's campaign took an even uglier turn Monday night, as one Trump supporter was heard yelling "Sieg heil!" as a protester was dragged from the room by campaign security.

According to MSNBC, several Trump supporters were screaming at protesters who were being manhandled and ejected from the rally held at the Westgate Hotel and Resort.

While it had previously been reported that one black protester was assaulted by security as a Trump supporter shouted, “Light that motherf*cker on fire!” a reporter from MSNBC said a large middle-aged man shouted, “Sieg heil!” — a Nazi-era salute — while one protester was hauled away.

In video from NBC (see below), the shout can  clearly be heard

Another man -- described as wearing a "glittering black suit" -- was heard yelling, "He's a Muslim! He's a Muslim!" as a protester was escorted from the ballroom.

As the protesters were being hauled away, Trump continued speaking to the crowd, complaining that the only time the media films the large crowds at his rally is when they are being interrupted by protesters.

Watch video below from NBC: