'Trainwreck' theater shooter's journal reveals racist, anti-gay and woman-hating agenda
John Houser (LinkedIn)

The man who killed two women in a mass shooting during the movie "Trainwreck" last year wrote a 40-page indictment of America that mentions political figures including Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, ABC News and The Advocate report.

Police released the handwritten journal kept by John Russell "Rusty" Houser on Wednesday, in which Houser praises South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof as "green but good." Houser killed two people, Jillian Johnson, 33, and Mayci Breaux, 21, before turning the gun on himself. He wounded nine others in Lafayette in July.

"The surprise that Trump (or anyone else) could take control of this foolish nation is no surprise to me," Houser wrote. "Stupidity RAINS" (sic)

Houser called the U.S. a "filth farm" and detailed how he thought LGBT people should be treated as disabled and segregated from the general population, and that women and "blacks" are naturally "underperforming" groups. He then appeared to address Trump directly when he said, "And yes Donald all in Washington are very stupid."

Some of the statements sound ominous, though confused.

"The US cannot afford 100 of me, and I know that many," he wrote. "This means there are at least 1,000 per state. We are not stupid enough to let on to the brainwashed."

In another section, he seemed to believe in some looming doom for the country and spoke of his hatred for the United States.

""America as a whole is now the enemy," he wrote. "I have hidden nothing and have hated the US for at least 30 years. It will soon be every man for himself. A global rearrangement comes soon."

The end of the journal is a chilling statement of what he is about to do, writing the movie title and noting that he knew he was about to end his life. "Truth is now the enemy of the 2015 U.S."

Read Houser's journal entries, as posted to Scribd, here:

Lafayette theater shooter's Journal by AdvocateOnline

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