Michele Bachmann warns Obama will take over the United Nations -- and then reveal he's the Antichrist
Michelle Bachmann (WND)

Michele Bachmann is fantasizing about the apocalypse again -- but it's hard to tell if she's trying to stop it or enthusiastically cheering it on.

The former Republican congresswoman appeared Saturday on the "end times" radio program hosted by Jan Markell and Eric Barger, who she warned that the Syrian civil war was setting up the biblical battle of Armageddon, reported Right Wing Watch.

Bachmann predicted world leaders were poised to grant "legitimacy to the Islamic State," and she said Russian and Iranian military intervention in Syria was establishing grounds for a future invasion of Israel to seize its energy resources -- in accordance with the biblical prophecy.

“I believe that they are positioning themselves so that someday they could invade Israel to be able to take over the vast stores of oil and natural gas that Israel is controlling,” she said.

She said a partnership between Russia and Iran, supported by China, would match the scriptural account laid out in the Book of Revelation.

Bachmann then cited a dubiously sourced report to predict that President Barack Obama was seeking to enlarge and expand his power by becoming secretary-general of the United Nations -- that is, assuming he doesn't cancel the November elections and remain in the White House.

“Obama would only go into an empowered, powerful UN, powerful enough to see the United States come under the UN’s authority,” Bachmann said.

Right Wing Watch traced the claim about Obama leading the UN to a report from the right-wing Investor’s Business Daily, which cited a possibly nonexistent report in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida -- the same newspaper that falsely reported that Obama had threatened to shoot down Israeli aircraft threatening Iran's nuclear program.

Markell found the reporting credible enough to form the basis of a wild conspiracy theory about Obama becoming "king of the world."

“The whole idea of Obama being able to extend his presidency, even enhance it and expand it, I don’t think I need to say what I’m thinking because I think a lot of the listeners are thinking the same thing, and we all are too, and as you shake your head you wonder what’s coming next," Barger added.

The implication, of course, is that Obama is the biblical Antichrist -- a suggestion Bachmann herself has made before.

Bachmann, despite her efforts, remains disappointed that American Christians aren't as excited about the end times as Middle Eastern Muslims are -- or she is.