Triumph the Comic Insult Dog impersonates Kim Davis to heckle Ted Cruz and his creepy face
Triumph the Comic Insult Dog disguised as Kim Davis (Screenshot)

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog brutally mocked Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz as part of his election special on Hulu.

When Triumph first arrived at a Cruz rally to attempt to ask the Texas senator some questions, he mistakenly thought he was watching Cruz's fellow Hispanic rival, Marco Rubio. “See I knew I was racist enough to be a Republican,” he joked.

“Senator is it true you tried to shut down the government so you could go to a Nickelback concert?” Triumph shouted at Cruz. But the senator didn’t reply.

“Ted, Ted, I love your smooth skin,” he shouted at another Cruz event. “When did Geppetto make you a real boy?”

Despite his best efforts, Triumph failed to get Cruz’s attention – so the comedic dog tried dressing up as Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

"Please, I'm such a victim," Triumph said as he cried for attention. But Cruz still ignored him.

"Obviously the Kim Davis disguise did not fool them -- or, like everyone else, they just hate Kim Davis," Triumph said.

Watch the video below: