Trump-loving extremist says Christians should beat gays on the street: ‘Jesus would have killed them all’
Theodore Shoebat (YouTube)

An anti-LGBT extremist who pledged his support to Donald Trump has posted a new video declaring that Jesus Christ would not only support violence against gays but would kill them himself.

Theodore Shoebat, a right-wing video blogger who appeared in an anti-LGBT film with Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee, praised Eastern European nations that did not punish assailants who attacked LGBT people they encountered on the street, reported Right Wing Watch.

"When you have the sodomites coming out into the streets and the Christians come and beat them up, the people who are beating up the sodomites don't really get punished because the society is so conditioned that way," Shoebat said. "If there's a law written in the hearts of the people, then the people who fighting this evil, physically, with their hands, fighting them, beating them up, those people are not going to get in trouble."

Shoebat, the son of fraudulent “terror expert” Walid Shoebat, complained that the United States was violating Christ's teachings by punishing Americans who randomly attacked LGBT passers-by.

"Jesus Christ took up a whip and beat people up in his Father's temple," Shoebat said. "Now imagine if sodomites were in his Father's temple. Jesus would have killed them all. He wouldn't just have hit them -- Jesus got violent."

Watch video of his remarks posted online by RWW Blog: