WATCH: 'Simpsons' destroys 'Robot Rubio' and insult-spewing Trump in hilarious debate send-up
Jeb Bush kicks Donald Trump in the genitals on The Simpsons -- (YouTube screen grab)

The creators of the Simpsons took on the current state of our presidential debate season by tearing into the GOP field -- from rude Donald Trump to robot Marco Rubio to the embodiment of evil "Canadian" Ted Cruz.

In the web exclusive video, Marge Simpson awakes from a nightmare shouting, "I can’t take it anymore!” before telling husband Homer it is was about the presidential campaign.

“Basic manners are gone from politics. What is with these ding-dongs?" she asks, before Homer describes an unlikely world where all the candidates get along.

This is followed by a song and dance routine by the candidates to Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is" -- which promptly goes to hell as the candidates return to form, insulting each other and fighting.

Also, Jeb Bush finally kicks Donald Trump in the genitals (at the suggestion of his mother) and Hillary Clinton attempts to strangle Bernie Sanders by using her pearls.

Watch the video below via YouTube:

H/T The Daily Beast