Current KKK head lauds  Donald Trump as 'the pick of the litter': He 'fuels anger' which is a 'good thing'
Ku Klux Klan National Director Thomas Robb - (SPLC)

Despite 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump belated disavowal of the Ku Klux Klan, the KKK hasn't tuned its back on the candidate, with the current leader of the white supremacist group calling him "the pick of the litter."

In an interview with the Arkansas Times, Thomas Robb, the current national director of the Knights of the KKK, said the New York billionaire is the best of the Republican field -- all of whom are preferable to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump took considerable heat for failing to disavow the support of former Klan head David Duke during a CNN appearance last week before finally backtracking and saying he wasn't interested in their support.

According to Robb, Trump is still his favorite.

"As far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump is the pick of the litter," Robb explained in a phone interview. "The image of the Klan that is portrayed by the media is hateful people. What I suspect that they’re really disavowing is the image that most people have conjured in their minds when they hear about the Klan or the KKK."

According to Robb, Trump's campaign rhetoric has been good for his organization whose top goal is preventing "white genocide."

"I do think he’s probably good for it," he explained. "Anybody who raises issues that are of concern to where this country is going to be 10 or 20 years from now is a good thing."

"We believe in loving our heritage, loving our culture, loving our people," Robb continued. "We’re concerned about the demographic shift occurring in this country. We see a nation that is going to be less than 50 percent white in less than 20 years. Culturally and morally and spiritually, we're already a huge minority. The demographics are slowly changing. I think that’s alarming to a lot of people."

According to Robb, Trump has tapped into an underlying anger among white people, adding that white people in America "no longer identify with what America has become."

"This is fueling the anger in this country, and I think this is what we’re seeing in this election," he said.