Larry Flynt: Ted Cruz more dangerous than Trump because he actually believes 'the crap' he says
'Hustler' magazine founder Larry Flynt appears on 'PoliticKING with Larry King' on May 27, 2015. [Ora.TV]

In an interview with the Daily Beast, publisher and gadfly Larry Flynt took some shots at the GOP presidential front-runners, warning that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is much more dangerous than Donald Trump because he actually believes "the crap" he says on the campaign trail.

Flynt got in some digs at easy target Donald Trump, saying he probably has a "3-inch dick," while comparing him to Italian fascist Benito Mussolini.

"There have been other people in history that have been a lot like Trump. I just watched a documentary about Mussolini and it’s uncanny the resemblance they have, not only in their speech but their whole persona," Flynt explained. "Trump controls what I call the low-information voters, the low-hanging fruit. I think very few intelligent people are going to be voting for Donald Trump."

Turning to former rival Marco Rubio ludicrous attempt to boost his flagging campaign by making jokes about the size of Trump's penis, Flynt said there might be something there.

"I definitely think there’s a lot of truth there. Not necessarily in relation to a man’s fingers, but the kind of cars he drives and the kind of buildings he builds, it all has to do with trying to compensate maybe for a lack of manhood. Trump’s probably got a 3-inch dick," he stated.

According to Flynt, he believes the Democratic Presidential candidate will be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and that she can defeat both Trump and Cruz. But he warned that Cruz may be a greater threat to the country because, unlike Trump, he believes every word he says.

"Despite Hilary’s problems I think she’ll beat Trump or Cruz, either one. I think the Republican Party can’t recover from this," Flynt explained. "Trump has offended about every group he can except white men. The only difference between Trump and Cruz is Trump just says all this crap but Cruz believes it — and that’s what makes him so dangerous."

Flynt went on to endorse Clinton, calling her the "the most qualified person running."

"That’s what you got to do when you look at both parties: you see who’s running and you evaluate them not on party but individually, which one is best equipped to be president. And I think Hillary is," he explained. "We have some important Supreme Court nominations coming up and foreign policy will be a central part. I think people interested in having more security and less turmoil in the economy will want somebody levelheaded like Hillary."