Maine's Tea Party governor goes on weird racist rant about minimum wage workers from Bulgaria and India
Maine Gov. Paul LePage (screen grab)

Using his opposition to a proposed bill that raises the minimum wage in Maine to $12 in 2020 as a jumping-off point, the Tea Party governor of the state launched into a racist rant about immigrants while also attacking restaurant workers.

According to the Maine Beacon, Gov. Paul LePage made it clear at the state Republican Party convention this weekend that he would be raising "a little war" to prevent an increase in the minimum wage in a state where the average restaurant workers makes $8.72 an hour -- which includes tips.

After joking that maybe his 58-year-old wife should begin a second career as a waitress, LePage launched into a rant reminiscent of a drunk uncle at Thanksgiving dinner.

“Already our restaurants in the summer, if you go on the coast, it’s hard to hear what they’re saying. You ever try to say ‘what’s the special today?’ to somebody from Bulgaria?" he exclaimed. "And the worst ones? They’re from India. I mean they’re all lovely people, but it takes some – you’ve got to have an interpreter. Or how many of you have gone and tried to return something from Amazon on a telephone?”

Watch video below from Mediaite: