Seth Meyers utterly destroys Republicans for trying to win elections by screwing over voters
Seth Meyers (YouTube)

Seth Meyers blamed lengthy delays faced by Wisconsin voters on the state's new voter ID laws -- which one Republican lawmaker admitted were intended to help his party maintain its grip on power.

State Rep. Glenn Grothman told a reporter after Tuesday's primary that he expected the new law to help the GOP presidential candidate, whoever that is, win the state's general election.

“Hillary Clinton is about the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever put up and now we have voter ID and I think voter ID is going to make a little bit of a difference as well,” Grothmann said.

Perhaps, Meyers said, the lawmaker had said too much.

"Oh, no, no, no," Meyers said. "You're not supposed to say that out loud. That's like a dude rolling up in a Corvette and saying, 'You know, I bought this to compensate for my tiny penis.'"

Meyers said the mess in Wisconsin is just the latest example of how poorly run the nation's voting process has become.

Similar laws caused chaos in North Carolina -- where one Indian immigrant was ordered to spell his own name before he voted.

"That's terrible news for the nation's Kaileys," Meyers said. "So many ways you can go, Kayleigh. This is America -- the only time you should have to spell your own name is when you're screaming it on a call with Time Warner Cable."

He said the most shocking example of electoral dysfunction was last month in Arizona, where thousands of voters waited hours to vote after officials shut down polling places in a cost-cutting move.

"If you've been waiting in line so long the pizza place is willing to deliver to you, you're going to be frustrated," Meyers said. "'Is that a house or an apartment?' 'It's a line -- I live in a line.'"

The official who decided to eliminate 70 percent of her county's polling places blamed the mess on "voters for getting in line."

"Before they showed up it was a perfectly nice sidewalk," Meyers said.

He asked viewers to imagine what will happen if one of these states turns out to be instrumental in deciding the next president, saying the situation could lead to enough fiasco like the 2000 election in Florida.

"No one wants to see any of these candidates in an Al Gore sadness beard," Meyers said.

Watch the entire segment posted online by Late Night With Seth Meyers: