SNL mocks 'full-blown nutjob' Trump supporter hilariously attempting to defend candidate's awfulness
SNL's Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong -- NBC screencap

SNL took on one of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's most ardent supporters who frequently pops up on cable broadcasts to defend the actions and words of the consistently offensive candidate.

Playing Kate Bolduan and stating, "I've got the brain for MSNBC, the hair for Fox News-- so here I am at CNN," SNL's Kate McKinnon introduced Trump supporter and Tea Party News Network host Scottie Nell Hughes, known for her rambling and breathless defenses of Trump.

"Hi Kate," said SNL cast member Cecily Strong as Hughes. "As a woman I like Donald Trump, but as a full-blown nutjob, I friggin' love him!"

Having set the stage for what was to come, a manic Hughes defended Trump for his offensive comments and tweets about women and  abortion rights -- as well as his retweeting of an offensive picture of Ted Cruz's wife.

"Okay, so no, okay, so actually," she began, "So that was an accident, okay? Because Donald's hands are just so big he can't see every little tweet his fingers retweet."

Holding her hands a foot apart, she added, "I mean, you know his hands are this big -- flaccid."

"That's your actual answer?" an incredulous Bolduan asked.

"That is what I have picked, yes," Hughes replied.

Later in the interview, Hughes defended Trump beating a voter, bluntly telling Bolduan, "You can't break me, Kate. Because I'm crazy, and crazy don't break," mirroring many ardent Trump supporters.

Watch the video below via Saturday Night Live: