Seth Meyers destroys Trump’s clueless gun pandering: He doesn’t even know they go ‘bang!’
Seth Meyers destroys Trump’s clueless gun pandering (Photo: Screen capture)

Once upon a time, Donald Trump wasn't in politics. You're not alone in dreamily fantasizing about what those days were once like. That was back when Trump was a liberal who was probably coming for your guns, Seth Meyers told his audience Monday. But now, he's joined the lockstep march with the NRA.

Trump once stood with the Clintons in support of the assault weapons ban and longer waiting periods to purchase guns. He even criticized Republicans who "walk the NRA line" and "refuse even limited restrictions." But, oh, how the times have changed. "Now, Trump is walking that line like a drunk driver taking a sobriety test," Meyers mocked. Trump said he wrote the 2nd Amendment, because he basically wrote it down on a piece of paper.

"Candidate Trump has gone so far to pander to the gun lobby, he's even invoked gun-toating action movie characters," Meyers said, before watching Trump name dropping Charles Bronson. Even Saturday Night Live ridiculed how absurd he was. Trump pantomimed a gun, and when he pretended to shoot it, he said, "beak."

"I'm sorry, was your gun sound effect 'beak?' Look out — he's got a bird? Maybe next time you're asking the crowd questions, ask him what sound a gun makes," Meyers said bewildered.

Trump was so desperate to prove that he's a big, tough, manly gun nut, that he is he proceeded to act out his own gun fantasies. One of them involves pulling a gun out of his pocket and making the sound "shing."

"Again with the sound effect. 'Shing' is the sound a sword makes. 'Bang.' You're looking for 'bang.' Not 'beak.' Not 'shing,'" Meyers said, setting Trump straight.

Meyers wondered how the NRA could endorse a candidate whose position on guns has been so inconsistent, but according to Meyers, "NRA chief, Wayne LaPierre, made clear in his speech Friday, the group's support for Trump is less about guns specifically, and more about a long list of right-wing obsessions and hatred of Hillary Clinton. LaPierre's speech sounded like a dramatic reading of email forwards from your uncle." Hell, even Fox News admitted LaPierre was lying about Clinton coming to take your guns.

Trump continued his pandering, saying his sons have so many guns that even he get's a little concerned. "Yeah! I'd be a little nervous about my sons having so many guns too if they looked like extras from 'American Psycho,'" Meyers taunted.

Trump's specific gun proposals were: 1. Eliminate gun free zones and 2. Reverse President Obama's executive order expanding background checks. So, the problem with this is that many of Trump's own properties are gun-free zones, too. The Republican National Convention in Cleveland will be a gun-free zone too. "In fact, even the convention center where Trump was speaking to the NRA was itself a gun-free zone on Friday," Meyers reported.

When it comes to Trump's opposition to background checks it's a little curious because Trump's campaign does background checks on "aspiring volunteers" to his campaign's phone bank in Manhattan. Funny how that works.

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