Tech company offers to pay $10 million for Trump-Sanders debate throwdown
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Earlier this week, presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump said he'd be willing to debate Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders if someone were to pony up $10 million to give to charity. Now, reports Buzzfeed, one tech company has pledged to step up to the plate.

“Yesterday, Mr Trump asked for a $10 [million] donation to charity in order to accept Mr Sanders’ challenge to debate him,” Richie Hecker, chairman and CEO of Traction and Scale, told BuzzFeed. “We are willing to offer that $10 [million] donation in return for the opportunity to host the debate.”


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In exchange for ponying up the cash, Hecker says that his company will be given the rights to host the debate and stream it on the web using its own "cutting-edge mobile technology." Hecker also said that the debate "would focus on compromise and solutions," which is not exactly something that has been a big theme in this year's presidential campaign thanks in large part to Trump.

Hecker's company hasn't yet reached out to either campaign and has decided to make its announcement through the media instead. Whether Trump or Sanders agree to this offer and the company's proposed format remains to be seen.