WATCH: Liberal Redneck destroys Ted Cruz for getting beat by 'carny-handed mango man' Trump
"Liberal Redneck" Trae Crowder -- Youtube

Trae Crowder -- also known as the "Liberal Redneck" -- was back on YouTube Friday, mocking Ted Cruz for getting his butt handed to him by "carny-handed mango man" Donald  Trump in the GOP primary.

Crowder mocked the Texas senator who claimed that God himself directed him to run for president -- only to fail.

"Guys," Crowder began.  "Stuff like that makes me really want to rethink my stance on God."

"Because while the thought of Cruz is objectively terrifying," he continued. "I do love the message this sends to the extreme Christian right which is -- y'all have lost! Your guy couldn't beat a dude who could come out tomorrow and announce Hulk Hogan as his running mate and America would just go, 'Yeah, that checks out.'"

Watch the video below, up loaded to YouTube: