On Tuesday, GOP candidate Donald Trump gave a speech in Pennsylvania at an aluminum plant. The speech was about trade and economic policies. But no one seemed to notice the content.

That's because Trump had a pile of garbage as his backdrop -- and the optics were sensory overload for many. For starters, Trump's campaign has been compared numerous times to a dumpster fire, and if that's not enough Slate went as far as calling it an insult to real dumpster fires.

Since the speech was lost on the people and the poetic symbolism of a campaign seen as, in turn, racist, misogynistic and dangerous, was so on point, here are some brainstorm ideas for locales where Trump should give his next speech.

1. The Playboy Mansion pool. Trump gets criticized often for his treatment of women -- and those accusations have become more serious over time, crossing from crass comments to rape. What greater symbolizes social denigration of women than an elderly, rich man who keeps multiple women in his mansion for his own personal use, as though they are inanimate toys?

In 2011, 200 people fell ill after a party at the Playboy Mansion. Four of these cases were diagnosed as Legionnaire's Disease. Few locations would top a public health menace pool surrounded by miserable, trapped women.

[caption id="attachment_832134" align="aligncenter" width="461"]Donald Trump at the Playboy Mansion pool (Photoshopped by Raw Story) Donald Trump at the Playboy Mansion pool (Photoshopped by Raw Story)[/caption]

2. Chernobyl. Thirty-one years ago, Chernobyl was a small, nearly-unknown town in Ukraine. One year later, it became synonymous with disaster when a nuclear plant there failed and killed thousands. Today, the site of the April 1986 disaster is an abandoned, irradiated ghost landscape, and the full gravity of its consequences are still being tallied.

In a 30-year anniversary story from McClatchyDC, children living in the area describe how they dreamed the plant would bring them a brighter future, only to have it turn into one of the world's best-known preventable disaster.

[caption id="attachment_832130" align="aligncenter" width="518"]Donald Trump in front of the Chernobyl ferris wheel (Photoshopped by Raw Story) Donald Trump in front of the Chernobyl ferris wheel (Photoshopped by Raw Story)[/caption]

3. Vice President Newt Gingrich's moon colony. In 2012, then-presidential candidate Newt Gingrich promised a moon colony if elected president. While the idea alone is not so far-fetched in an era when NASA is actively preparing to send humans to Mars, the Republican party has become progressively more anti-science. Trump himself called climate change a Chinese hoax created to thwart American industry.

[caption id="attachment_832164" align="aligncenter" width="542"]Trump enjoying his time on Newt Gingrich's moon colony (Photoshopped by Raw Story) Trump enjoying his time on Newt Gingrich's moon colony (Photoshopped by Raw Story)[/caption]

4. Alamogordo Air Base. 1945, the U.S. tested the first atomic bomb at the air base. The test resulted in a mushroom cloud and crater "from which all vegetation had vanished," according to a witness account recorded by PBS.

[caption id="attachment_832168" align="aligncenter" width="406"]Donald Trump makes appearance at latest nuclear explosion. Brings Bible. (Photoshopped by Raw Story) Donald Trump makes appearance at latest nuclear explosion. Brings Bible. (Photoshopped by Raw Story)[/caption]

5. A mafia boss's Cadillac. Trump, a long-time real estate tycoon, has linked to the mob by way of his business dealings. The Washington Post reported last month ties between Trump and Russian-born mobster Felix Sater.

Trump Caddy

6. Burning Man. The once-lawless art project-slash-camp-out in the desert was the domain of alt-artists and hippies, but let's face it, it's now overrun by rich kids trying too hard to be cool. Nothing like new-moneyed rich stealing a scene that once belonged to broke misfits and wayfaring types to symbolize Trump.

[caption id="attachment_832212" align="aligncenter" width="518"]Donald Trump at Burning man festival (Phoshopped by Raw Story) Donald Trump at Burning man festival (Phoshopped by Raw Story)[/caption]

(Images created by Sarah K. Burris)