Mark Cuban: Money doesn't turn people into maniacs like Trump - they start out that way
Mark Cuban on MSNBC-- (YouTube screen grab)

Appearing on MSNBC, billionaire investor Mark Cuban dismissed host Chris Hayes' assertion that money turns people into "maniacs" like Donald Trump.

"There is a part of me that thinks that Donald Trump is revealing the fact that all of you, and I mean all of America's super wealthy people, are maniacs," Hayes suggested.

After guest Cuban stopped laughing, he explained, "You're wrong. I mean, I know a lot of wealthy people that I have done business with, and the only thing that has changed about us after we got wealthier was our bank accounts. Feel free to go back and interview my high school buddies, my college buddies, my friends from Dallas.  Anybody."

"I skeptical of that claim," said Hayes.

"Go for it!" Cuban replied.

Talk then turned to Trump.

"You think that personal disposition, whether it's --," Hayes began before Cuban jumped in.

"You are who you are!" Cuban exclaimed. "If you're one of the people who changed because of the money, then you had that problem before you got wealthy. Right? If you were an idiot, if you were not a nice person before you rich--"

"Sadistic, a bully," Hayes suggested.

"Whatever it is," Cuban agreed. "That's who you are."

Watch the video below via Mediaite: