An 'arms race of atrocities': Watch Charles Blow's chilling warning after Dallas shooting
Charles Blow (Screenshot/CNN)

By all measures, this week has been a tragic one. Two African-American men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively, prompting an outpouring of national grief and discussion over the issue of racism and police bias.

On Thursday night, protesters took to the streets advocating for changes that will stop police killings. But as people were leaving the peaceful event, shooters opened fire on police, killed five and wounded six.

While sitting in on CNN's coverage of Thursday night's events, journalist Charles Blow said all protesters want is to make sure everyone -- civilian or police -- goes home to their families at the end of their day.

"The protests themselves are ultimately about life," Blow said. "The ability to live out your life and not have life unreasonably taken. Your response to this has to be about life."

He then pointed out that it's time to stop making it an "arms race of atrocities."

"A lot of what I've seen over the last few hours have been people rushing to try to figure out ways to see if something adds to an argument or doesn't add to an argument," he said. "I don't understand when you stop being human, enough to slow down and say, yes the two people who were killed, who the protests were about, had families and they are hurt, and they are angry. These people have families too."

People need to admit that "everybody deserves to go home."

Watch his comments, as posted by CNN, here: