Bernie-backing Sarah Silverman to Sanders convention die-hards: 'Stop being ridiculous'
Sen.Al Franke and comedian Sarah Silverman -- screengrab

Saying she was proud to have supported the candidacy of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, comedian Sarah Silverman touted the nomination of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- only to have to make an off-script comment to Sanders delegates on the floor.

“Bernie showed us that all of American citizens deserve quality health care and education, not just the wealthy elite," Silverman said after explaining that she had been "feeling the Bern" for the past year.

She then turned to Clinton, saying, "It’s so inspiring. Just a few years ago she was a secretary and now she’s going to be president. She’s like the only person ever to be overqualified for a job--as the president. I will vote for Hillary with gusto, as I continue to be inspired and moved to action by the ideals set forth by Bernie.”

As her speech wrapped up, she was met with chants of “Bernie! Bernie!” only to hold up her hand and respond, “Can I just say to the `Bernie or Bust’ people—you’re being ridiculous.”

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